Rihanna Rebelle Fleur Tattoo

Rihanna has a unique tattoo on her neck, “Rebelle Fleur”, which means rebel. The neck is a pretty risqué place to get a tattoo. Normally people shy away from it because most work places won’t hire someone that sports a neck tattoo. I guess since she is a star she doesn’t have to worry about that. I bet she got that ink to show all the guys she is bad ass and no one but Chris Brown can beat her. Seriously, why would anyone beat their girlfriend, especially if she is famous, like he couldn’t figure out it would be all over the news, duh. I guess being a rebel includes getting the crapped beat out of you over a text message. Good thing he didn’t break her legs, apparently they are insured for a million dollars. I would love to touch a pair of million dollar legs…
Rihanna Rebelle Fleur Tattoo

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