Rumer Willis Be Present Tattoo

Rumer Willis, who the hell is that you ask? Rumer Willis is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She has an arabic style lettering tattoo along her lower rib cage that says “be present”. I wonder if it means she wants her own presence known because holy crap she looks like Bruce Willis with long hair. Did he take too many bumps in Die Hard and mess up his sperm count so all that was left was Die Hard Bruce Willis sperm? They must’ve yelled “Yippee ki yay motherfucker!” before jumping in the egg. In all fairness, Rumer has the body of her mother Demi Moore and its pretty banging, but with an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Willis, she is like a 15 in black jack, your just not sure if you want to hit it or not.
Rumer Willis Tattoo

Justin Bieber’s Bird Tattoo

Justin Bieber’s tattoo of a bird on his pelvis looks like he got branded for American Eagle clothing. I for one am not into this whole Bieber craze, the guy looks like a girl that hasn’t gone through puberty. Am I the only one thinking he is going to get a cover up when he gets older, thank god it’s a small tattoo. Speaking of getting older, my money is on his time in the spotlight to be fast running out. Anyone want to take bets? I put a hundred bucks on less than a year and he will be taking the same highway that Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Matthew Mcconaughey went. The highway is called the Infamous Highway to Yesterday’s Fame.
Justin Bieber Tattoo

Kirstie Alley Unbroken Tattoo

Kirstie Alley gets the words unbroken written on her wrist, given the fact that she’s a whale, it probably didn’t hurt her much. I am sure she had no problems breaking into a bag of kettle chips before every practice of dancing with the stars. In all fairness I still think she was pretty hot back in the day, but I guess after Cheers got cancelled and her movie career in the gutter she felt the only gold Oscar she was getting was the golden wrapping on a Willy Wonka Bar. I am not sure what the meaning behind her “unbroken” tattoo is but I am sure its not talking about her acting career. Her new movie should be Kirstie Alley BBW and the chocolate factory. Kirstie Alley Unbroken Tattoo

Brad Pitt’s Birthplace Tattooed on Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie confirmed that her latest tattoo of coordinates on her are of Brad Pitt’s birth place. This is in addition to the other longitude and latitude coordinates of her children’s birthplaces that are tattooed on her. I always had difficulty accepting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I mean, they are both gorgeous people but I always thought Brad looked better with Jennifer Aniston. A tattoo is a pretty permanent thing, I wonder if Angelina and Brad are just as permanent?
Angelina Jolie must be very confident in Brad sticking around with her to get something permanent as a tattoo on her for him. I would say it was not a good choice considering how she got with Brad in the first place. I mean come on people, it was straight up highway robbery the way she stole Brad from Jennifer. All the while Jennifer took things in stride and was very civil about it. Makes one wonder when exactly did Brad and Angelina start their relationship. There certainly is a good chance Brad was already having an affair with her before him and Jennifer officially separated. Things like this are rarely ever clear cut, end one relationship, start another, more often than not, there was a bit of Brad riding both trains before he finally chose which one to go with.

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Teen Pornstar Bieyanka Moore Immature Tattoo

Bieyanka Moore
So all this buzz about how teen pornstar Bieyanka Moore tricked every one about her age and how she managed to get into porn without anyone realizing she was 15. I would say one dead give away would be the “Teddy” tattoo scratcher job on the back of her neck. This tattoo was in reference to her 20 something year old boyfriend and was reported as being poorly done. It would be obvious that any girl naive enough to get a name permanently tattooed on her body is either very young or very dumb. Not that it was in plain view or anything, being on the back of her neck, however, any guy doing her doggy style on camera would probably question her maturity and age. We couldn’t find a picture of her Teddy tattoo but we did manage to find a picture of her with her red stars tattoo that run along her neck. This picture is courtesy of the pleasehelpthesemissingchildren blog.
I don’t agree with the blame being laid on the porn company Reality Kings. This 15 year old girl intentionally stole her strippers friends ID, social insurance number and managed to get a new identity with it. She then tried to pursue a career in porn. That does not sound like something you can force or trick someone to do, she must have been a willing participant. Perhaps this was a young impressionable girl that had dreams of stardom, Not the first time something like this has happened, anybody remember Traci Lords? All in all, Traci Lords managed to live a celebrity like lifestyle and even came out with movies, books and a singing career. I guess we’ll see how this unfolds for Bieyanka Moore aka Charrida Smalley.

Rapper Eve’s Paw Tattoos

Eve from Ruff Ryder’s has two unique tattoos of paws on her breasts. It is rumored that the paws represent the paws of a Pit bull which is a common theme with their group. I commend her for being so brave to tattoo such an attention grabbing area. I suppose it does draw a lot more attention to the zone. However, it does not look like her bosoms are of the large variety so maybe it wasn’t the best idea to add the extra incentive to look. I mean, it may look good now but think about how they are going to look when the skin is not so perky. Wrinkled paws on a pair of boobs is not my idea of sexy. I do like how the paws themselves were done though, whichever artist that did them certainly did a great job, they look like real paw prints. Woof Woof!

rapper Eve