Colin Farrell Shirtless with all Tattoo’s Showing

Colin Farrell Shirtless

Colin Farrell shirtless, displaying his tattoos after yoga in West Hollywood.  Is it just me or is he losing his muscle tone?  Maybe he should be hitting the gym rather than yoga.

For tattoos, Colin has a tribal design on his right shoulder.  He apparently got this done in Tahiti.  He has the phrase “Carpe Diem” or in plain english, “seize the day” written beside a cross on his left forearm.  This cross covers an old tattoo that originally said “…with my girl”.  There are some Sanskrit letters or Buddhist symbol for energy on his left wrist.  He also has a small lotus flower tattoo and below it the words “I Love No Matter” beneath it.  On his left shoulder is a red heart tattoo with a script banner and his mother’s name “Rita” writen on the banner.  On his ring finger is a tattoo of a ring with the name “Millie” which is a nickname for his former girlfriend and rumoured wife, Amelia Warner.

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