Tony Hawk on a Real Hoverboard!

Marty Mcfly HoverboardI couldn’t believe it either when I saw Tony Hawk doing his thing on a real hoverboard. It sure did not look easy to ride though. Even a professional skateboard champ like Tony could barely even stand up on the thing, much less pull tricks and jumps.

Tony Hawk HoverboardJust what the hell is this thing anyway?  The hovering contraption is called the Hendo and it is being developed by Greg and Jill Henderson for their company Arx Pax.  I bet a lot of people, myself included, asked, is it real?  Yes, it is indeed a hovering board that is capable of hovering a bit more than an inch off the ground with a person riding on it.  Is it everything Back to the Future hyped it up to be? No…

The Hendo in its current state can only work on special surfaces and the battery can only last for a few minutes.  The Henderson’s showcased their hovering technology as a publicity stunt, their real motivation is in their patents that they hold in regards to foundation systems to prevent earthquake damage.

Pharaoh’s Tattoo Shop Closed Due to Unsanitary Practices

Pharoah Home Tattoo UnsanitaryPharaoh’s Tattooing in Calgary was shut down by Alberta Health Services due to the discovery of unsanitary tattoo procedures on October 30th, 2014.  The customers of the home based studio, located at Unit 8, 3519 Centre St NW, inside a low rise residential apartment complex, are urged to undergo testing for HIV, Hep B, Hep C and other viruses.

The article further states that the studio did not have the proper sterilization or sanitation processes in place.  I wish they explained this part more clearly as to what he was lacking specifically and how he was operating.  I mean, considering a disposable sterilized tattoo needle only costs about a quarter, disposable tubes maybe $0.70 a piece, basic barrier methods of work prep, a bottle of madacide and various other sterilization gear would cost maybe a few dollars per tattoo, what the hell was he using?  A stick and poke kit, bottle of vodka and saran wrap?

Cecil Reddick, the owner of Pharoah’s Tattooing refutes the AHS claims of unsanitary conditions.  He claims that he has been a tattoo artist for close to 20 years and he graduated from business school twice for “this”.  I am not sure what he means by “this” specifically because I have never heard of a business school for tattoo artists.

What were his clients thinking?  Look at the building in the picture, does that look like where a reputable tattoo studio would be?  I stumble upon this kind of news every now and then and it just goes to show that not everyone can become a tattoo artist.

Colin Farrell Shirtless with all Tattoo’s Showing

Colin Farrell Shirtless

Colin Farrell shirtless, displaying his tattoos after yoga in West Hollywood.  Is it just me or is he losing his muscle tone?  Maybe he should be hitting the gym rather than yoga.

For tattoos, Colin has a tribal design on his right shoulder.  He apparently got this done in Tahiti.  He has the phrase “Carpe Diem” or in plain english, “seize the day” written beside a cross on his left forearm.  This cross covers an old tattoo that originally said “…with my girl”.  There are some Sanskrit letters or Buddhist symbol for energy on his left wrist.  He also has a small lotus flower tattoo and below it the words “I Love No Matter” beneath it.  On his left shoulder is a red heart tattoo with a script banner and his mother’s name “Rita” writen on the banner.  On his ring finger is a tattoo of a ring with the name “Millie” which is a nickname for his former girlfriend and rumoured wife, Amelia Warner.

I’m Back! Whew, it’s been a while!


Hello fellow gossiping, tabloid reading and ink inspired readers!  I am back from my long hiatus.  Long story short, I was having some issue with school and haven’t been able to keep this blog updated.  I still am finishing up my technical art classes and I am hoping to take up learning how to tattoo.  I know what people are going to say, oh yay another scratcher in the mix.  Hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere and like I give a flying crap what other people say or think anyway.

I think I will even blog about my progress here.  Kind of nice, to take this blog in a new direction.  Anyone have any ideas on a good starter set?  I was looking at some good deals on Amazon and Ebay.

Kat Von D Zaps off Jesse James Tattoo

kat von d jesse james tattoo

Another blog post of our favourite tattooed celebrity.  Kat Von D is getting her ink of a young version of Jesse James zapped off for good.  I say good for her, time to move on.  Besides, having the image of a young boy on your ribcage, no matter how meaningful, is still a little weird and difficult to explain to future lovers I am sure.  Just goes to show, if you are going to get a tattoo of someone you are romantically involved with, make sure the guy is not a cheating bastard.  Or at the least, make sure you are willing to accept, he is a cheating bastard.

We will all Laugh at Gilded Butterflies

we will all laugh at gilded butterflies

“We will all laugh at Gilded Butterflies..” Is what is tattooed onto Megan Fox’s upper back near her shoulder. I bet there have been more than a few confused people checking her out and reading this wondering where it came from and what it meant. No, she is not some crazy chick that decided to put on some psychobabble in fancy text on her, the phrase comes from Shakespeare’s King Lear Act V, scene 3.

Deadmau5 and Kat Von D. Dating

So the Canadian music producer Deadmau5 is dating Kat Von D. This comes as a surprise as I always thought Kat Von D. looked like the type to be dating a big burly wrestler, actor, biker type dude. Doesn’t this seem like the mixing of two cultures? Kat Von D. being the rock/punk/tattoo culture and Deadmau5 being of the electric/club/hipster culture? I don’t quite know what to make of this really. Besides, have you seen how thin and tiny Deadmau5 is? Kat Von D. is not fat but she does look a bit “thick”. Them together would look like a chihuahua humping a Doberman.

What we have to Say about Mike Tysons Face Tattoo

mike tyson face tattoo

Okay, so maybe it has been done to death already but we would like put in our 2 cents for Mike Tyson’s face tattoo.  First of all, I kind of feel sorry for the guy, he’s a 46 year old former boxing champion that has been hanging onto dear life scrambling in debt and grasping at his former glory.  That and the rape charge and being broke after being rich so many years must’ve really worn this guy down.  Seriously, I don’t mind being broke ass, but going from holy crap rich to I’m broke bitch must really suck!  That an the embarassment of taking a chomp out of Holyfields ear must’ve done some really psychological damage to poor Mike.  If you had to wake up every day to seeing your broke ass, rapist, cannibal self, wouldn’t you want to cover your scary mug with a crazy looking tribal tattoo?  Think Phantom of the Opera, 21st century style.

Kirstie Alley Unbroken Tattoo

Kirstie Alley gets the words unbroken written on her wrist, given the fact that she’s a whale, it probably didn’t hurt her much. I am sure she had no problems breaking into a bag of kettle chips before every practice of dancing with the stars. In all fairness I still think she was pretty hot back in the day, but I guess after Cheers got cancelled and her movie career in the gutter she felt the only gold Oscar she was getting was the golden wrapping on a Willy Wonka Bar. I am not sure what the meaning behind her “unbroken” tattoo is but I am sure its not talking about her acting career. Her new movie should be Kirstie Alley BBW and the chocolate factory. Kirstie Alley Unbroken Tattoo

Brad Pitt’s Birthplace Tattooed on Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie confirmed that her latest tattoo of coordinates on her are of Brad Pitt’s birth place. This is in addition to the other longitude and latitude coordinates of her children’s birthplaces that are tattooed on her. I always had difficulty accepting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I mean, they are both gorgeous people but I always thought Brad looked better with Jennifer Aniston. A tattoo is a pretty permanent thing, I wonder if Angelina and Brad are just as permanent?
Angelina Jolie must be very confident in Brad sticking around with her to get something permanent as a tattoo on her for him. I would say it was not a good choice considering how she got with Brad in the first place. I mean come on people, it was straight up highway robbery the way she stole Brad from Jennifer. All the while Jennifer took things in stride and was very civil about it. Makes one wonder when exactly did Brad and Angelina start their relationship. There certainly is a good chance Brad was already having an affair with her before him and Jennifer officially separated. Things like this are rarely ever clear cut, end one relationship, start another, more often than not, there was a bit of Brad riding both trains before he finally chose which one to go with.

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