What we have to Say about Mike Tysons Face Tattoo

mike tyson face tattoo

Okay, so maybe it has been done to death already but we would like put in our 2 cents for Mike Tyson’s face tattoo.  First of all, I kind of feel sorry for the guy, he’s a 46 year old former boxing champion that has been hanging onto dear life scrambling in debt and grasping at his former glory.  That and the rape charge and being broke after being rich so many years must’ve really worn this guy down.  Seriously, I don’t mind being broke ass, but going from holy crap rich to I’m broke bitch must really suck!  That an the embarassment of taking a chomp out of Holyfields ear must’ve done some really psychological damage to poor Mike.  If you had to wake up every day to seeing your broke ass, rapist, cannibal self, wouldn’t you want to cover your scary mug with a crazy looking tribal tattoo?  Think Phantom of the Opera, 21st century style.