Rapper Eve’s Paw Tattoos

Eve from Ruff Ryder’s has two unique tattoos of paws on her breasts. It is rumored that the paws represent the paws of a Pit bull which is a common theme with their group. I commend her for being so brave to tattoo such an attention grabbing area. I suppose it does draw a lot more attention to the zone. However, it does not look like her bosoms are of the large variety so maybe it wasn’t the best idea to add the extra incentive to look. I mean, it may look good now but think about how they are going to look when the skin is not so perky. Wrinkled paws on a pair of boobs is not my idea of sexy. I do like how the paws themselves were done though, whichever artist that did them certainly did a great job, they look like real paw prints. Woof Woof!

rapper Eve