Teen Pornstar Bieyanka Moore Immature Tattoo

Bieyanka Moore
So all this buzz about how teen pornstar Bieyanka Moore tricked every one about her age and how she managed to get into porn without anyone realizing she was 15. I would say one dead give away would be the “Teddy” tattoo scratcher job on the back of her neck. This tattoo was in reference to her 20 something year old boyfriend and was reported as being poorly done. It would be obvious that any girl naive enough to get a name permanently tattooed on her body is either very young or very dumb. Not that it was in plain view or anything, being on the back of her neck, however, any guy doing her doggy style on camera would probably question her maturity and age. We couldn’t find a picture of her Teddy tattoo but we did manage to find a picture of her with her red stars tattoo that run along her neck. This picture is courtesy of the pleasehelpthesemissingchildren blog.
I don’t agree with the blame being laid on the porn company Reality Kings. This 15 year old girl intentionally stole her strippers friends ID, social insurance number and managed to get a new identity with it. She then tried to pursue a career in porn. That does not sound like something you can force or trick someone to do, she must have been a willing participant. Perhaps this was a young impressionable girl that had dreams of stardom, Not the first time something like this has happened, anybody remember Traci Lords? All in all, Traci Lords managed to live a celebrity like lifestyle and even came out with movies, books and a singing career. I guess we’ll see how this unfolds for Bieyanka Moore aka Charrida Smalley.